1.Capacity building of leaders

Greenland Alliance provides training on servant leadership in three parts: basic leadership principles, servant leadership in practice, and the values of a servant leader. The categories of leaders that are targeted by this training include leaders of non-profit organisations, church leaders, local public administration officials, and leaders of cooperative. As part of its Strategic Plan 2019-2023 Greenland Alliance has already trained 800 servant leaders who are in 4 provinces namely Bujumbura Mairie, Ngozi, Gitega and Kayanza.

2.Coaching of leaders through the National Network for Servant Leaders

Les leaders qui ont été formé par Greenland Alliance ont décidé depuis septembre 2021 de créer un Réseau National des Leaders Serviteur. Ce réseau vise à couvrir tout le pays à travers des noyaux provinciaux. Le Réseau s’est déjà établi dans trois provinces à savoir Bujumbura Mairie, Ngozi, Gitega. The leaders who have been trained by Greenland Alliance have decided since September 2021 to create the National Network for Servant Leaders. This Network aims to cover the whole country through provincial hubs. The Network has already been established in three provinces namely Bujumbura Mairie, Ngozi, Gitega. Greenland Alliance as a promoter of the idea contributes to strengthening of the Network through: coaching sessions for the members of the coordinating committees, lessons on leadership disseminated on social media, and participation in acts of compassion and community interest initiated by the Network.

Since June 2021, Greenland Alliance has been accompanying 80 vulnerable mothers gathered in the Solidarity Groups called “Bihinduke!” (This miserable situation must change for good!)

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During the accompaniment of vulnerable mothers who are members of the Bihinduke Solidarity Groups, most of them deplored the fact that each time their children get ill, their business activities suffer because they often resort to their capital to pay for medical fees

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Greenland Alliance also conducted economic empowerment activities for one hundred unemployed young people in the communes of Ruhororo in Ngozi province and Bugendana in Gitega province. They are composed of young people residing in the sites for displaced people of Ruhororo and Bugendana and those of the surrounding hills

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