Since June 2021, Greenland Alliance has been accompanying 80 vulnerable mothers gathered in the Solidarity Groups called “Bihinduke!” (This miserable situation must change for good!)

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During the accompaniment of vulnerable mothers who are members of the Bihinduke Solidarity Groups, most of them deplored the fact that each time their children get ill, their business activities suffer because they often resort to their capital to pay for medical fees

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Greenland Alliance also conducted economic empowerment activities for one hundred unemployed young people in the communes of Ruhororo in Ngozi province and Bugendana in Gitega province. They are composed of young people residing in the sites for displaced people of Ruhororo and Bugendana and those of the surrounding hills

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We conduct capacity building training in Servant Leadership for employees/members of institutions and organizations. Please contact us for further information.

Urufatiro rw'Uburongozi Bwiza

This book is a collection of teachings that were distributed via Whatsapp by Mr Acher NIYOYIZIGIYE since February until October 2019. It contains ideas and reflections to help those who wish develop their leadership potential. It also explains the basics of leadership in details and provides answers to common leadership challenges.


This is a series of teachings aiming at promoting moral values and patriotism to call upon every Burundian to give their contribution in building a peaceful, stable and prosperous country.

Governance according to the Bible, How to exercise the power as God wants

This books is inspired by the Christian Holy Scriptures – The Bible – in order to contribute to the integration of Biblical principles into governance. It aims at encouraging and equipping managers (or potential managers) of power for a pious governance which glorifies the Lord and delight people who are under their authority.