1. Social Cohesion

Peacebuilding is a cross-cutting theme in most of the Greenland Alliance's actions. The Self-Help Groups approach used by Greenland Alliance in the economic empowerment of youth and women is designed to contribute to social cohesion and reconciliation at the community level. For example, the solidarity groups for unemployed youth in the communes of Ruhororo and Bugendana in the provinces of Ngozi and Gitega are composed of young people residing in the sites of Internal Displaced People (IDPs) and in the surrounding hills. Similarly, the groups of vulnerable women in the commune of Muhanga in Kayanza province have been established around the IDP site and are composed of IDPs and community members around the site. A cause du passé douloureux qu’ont connu ces localités, cette approche permet aux déplacés et aux résidents des collines au tour des sites de se rapprocher davantage tout en initiant des activités génératrices des revenus pour s’attaquer à leur ennemie commun : la pauvreté. Because of the painful past of these localities, this approach allows the IDPs and the residents of the hills around the sites to get closer while initiating income-generating activities to tackle their common enemy: poverty.

2.Conflict Prevention and Management

Members of the Self-Help Groups set up by Greenland Alliance undergo training that enables them to acquire skills to prevent or manage conflicts that may occur within their groups or communities. In addition, the Self-Help Groups approach contributes to bringing community members together, thus preventing conflicts from escalating into violence.

Since June 2021, Greenland Alliance has been accompanying 80 vulnerable mothers gathered in the Solidarity Groups called “Bihinduke!” (This miserable situation must change for good!)

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During the accompaniment of vulnerable mothers who are members of the Bihinduke Solidarity Groups, most of them deplored the fact that each time their children get ill, their business activities suffer because they often resort to their capital to pay for medical fees

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Greenland Alliance also conducted economic empowerment activities for one hundred unemployed young people in the communes of Ruhororo in Ngozi province and Bugendana in Gitega province. They are composed of young people residing in the sites for displaced people of Ruhororo and Bugendana and those of the surrounding hills

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