Greenland Alliance is non-profit organisation recognized by Ministerial Order No 530/1822 of November 19, 2014. It is governed by law No 1/02 of January 27, 2017 concerning organic framework of non-profit organisations in Burundi.

Greenland Alliance was founded by some Burundian young leaders dedicated to contributing in addressing leadership and moral values crisis, improving the way national institutions function from the bottom up, serving Burundi trough training the youth to promote responsible citizenship, halting the decline in intellectual level of young Burundians and promoting their economic development.


Emergence of a country (Burundi) characterized by economic prosperity and social harmony.


Promote servant leadership and moral values to contribute to the emergence of leaders who are morally sound and influential, capable of making Burundi a society of economic prosperity and social harmony.


Greenland Alliance intervenes in the following domains:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Peacebuilding


    1. Good governance: transparent and effective management of resources
    2. Professionalism: skills development in all relevant domains to maximise the impact of our actions
    3. Christian faith: respect of Christian ethics in our activities

Since June 2021, Greenland Alliance has been accompanying 80 vulnerable mothers gathered in the Solidarity Groups called “Bihinduke!” (This miserable situation must change for good!)

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During the accompaniment of vulnerable mothers who are members of the Bihinduke Solidarity Groups, most of them deplored the fact that each time their children get ill, their business activities suffer because they often resort to their capital to pay for medical fees

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Greenland Alliance also conducted economic empowerment activities for one hundred unemployed young people in the communes of Ruhororo in Ngozi province and Bugendana in Gitega province. They are composed of young people residing in the sites for displaced people of Ruhororo and Bugendana and those of the surrounding hills

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